New Ice: The Panther’s Back!

March 22, 2011 | Post by

A few weeks back we mentioned in the blog post The King’s Speech: Signifier of Royal Fashion Resurgence? a certain panther bracelet that resembles the Duchess of Windsor’s bracelet which recently sold for $7 million at a Sotherby’s auction. When we last published the post, it quickly sold out, we restocked and sold out again! Lots of you asked to let you know when it becomes available again so I’m happy to inform you that we have more!!

Hurry before we sell out again. This is definitely one of our most wanted products so don’t miss out. This beautiful gold over sterling silver panther bracelet features enhanced black diamonds. Would you like to add this unique piece to your jewelry collection?

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  1. Jewelry Jealousy says:

    Great jewelry tip from a great movie. Your blog is on really on top of accessory trends, and I especially love your film references; they really illustrate your points about jewelry in a creative way. Cheers!

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