New Ice: Multi-Use Flower Pendant

April 19, 2011 | Post by

Who doesn’t like to get more bang for their buck? Whenever I find new ways of wearing one piece of clothing or accessory I suddenly don’t feel so bad for indulging in that impulse buy.

I’m slightly addicted to scarves and Pashmina shawls and love to wear them in different ways to create different looks. One of the classiest ways to dress up a Pashmina is wrapping it around your shoulders and clipping a brooch on it to securely hold it in place.

One of our newest pendants at features glittery Marcasite gemstones and a single, white-button freshwater pearl surrounded by a splash of pink epox. Not only is this pendant really pretty resting below your collarbone but it doubles as a brooch! Love this multi-use jewelry!

What are some of your favorite jewelry or clothing pieces that you wear multiple ways?

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  1. IndiviJewels says:

    Its beautiful, It reminds me of a butterfly for some reason.

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