New Ice: Multi-Gemstone Dangle Earrings

April 5, 2011 | Post by

3 3/4 Carat Multi-Gemstone Dangle Earrings

How do you choose just one gemstone to wear? It’s quite hard if you ask me. There are so many gorgeous gems out there.  Some might think you should stick to one gem per outfit but I say mix it up!

To make your life easier, instead of trying to find which gems would go best together we’ve paired multiple gemstones in single jewelry pieces to get this colorful look in a uniformed fashion. We have plenty of multi-gem jewelry at but today I’m gonna show you one of our latest, Citrine, Garnet & Amethyst dangle earrings.  Although technically we are in Spring, the weather hasn’t always been cooperating with us so this is the perfect transition piece between seasons. It has the darker hues of the Marcasite paired perfectly with the bright Spring-like colors. Did I mention it’s only $50? Not bad at all. Plus there’s also a matching bracelet.

What are your favorite gemstones to combine in your jewelry pieces?

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  1. IndiviJewels says:

    I like to see different gemstones mixed in together, To see what good combinations and designs you can make but you have to get it right or it just looks like you have no idea of what you are doing.

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