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July 19, 2011 | Post by

Matching Bangles for you & your little one

As kids we always looked up to adults, wanting to be just like them. We played mommy and daddy, followed our parents around copying everything they did. The first thing my nieces do when they come over is go straight to my room to dress up in my high heels, purses and especially my jewelry. This is why I absolutely LOVE one of our newest collections at…the Mom and Me Collection!

You can get a matching bangle bracelet for both you and your daughter. They come in a few different colors like red, white and blue where you can mix and match or get the same color for the ultimate Mom and Me look.

You don’t have to be a Mommy to enjoy this collection either. You can purchase them for yourself, your nieces or just your daughters as a cute sister’s bracelet. I’m definitely going to get some matching bangles for myself and my nieces. :)

What do you think of this idea of matching adult and children’s jewelry?


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Matching Bangles for you & your little one

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  1. Claire Kuhn says:

    i am in love with those bracelets because the heart is my favorite shape…
    heart means love…. i would love to order those for me and would need 3 little
    bracelets because i am expecting triplet girls!!! i think it would be so precious!!!

    i tried to look for how much price.. can you tell me how much??



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