Pearls a Great Choice for Wedding Jewelry

March 26, 2005 | Post by

Dear Leslie,
I’m getting married in June and need to decide how to accessorize. Should I wear diamonds, gold, pearls? I want something romantic.
Taylor in Savannah

There are many choices for wedding jewelry today, but pearls still seem to come in at the top. Pearls will always be both classic and classy. Everyone from Jackie Kennedy to Marylin Monroe wore pearls for their wedding. The simple elegance of pearls and their classic associations ensure that they will always be both tasteful, romantic, and stay with you forever.

Whether you decide to pair it with diamonds or a stone that matches the colors of your bridal party, this South Sea Graduated Pearl Necklace, will be the perfect choice for your wedding day.

If you choose your necklace wisely you will be able to wear your pearls not only to your wedding, but also to those of your children and grandchildren!

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