Don’t Clean Silver Jewelry With Toothpaste

April 15, 2005 | Post by

Dear Leslie,
Can I clean my silver jewelry with toothpaste?
Emily in Sarasota

Absolutely not! Although I have heard this question before, and there are those who recommend it, in my opinion, toothpaste is not a jewelry cleaner. It may work for some costume jewels, but for real gemstones and silver, it is far too abrasive. The same chemicals that keep your teeth clean eat at your jewelry. This is especially true when we are talking about silver, which is a sensitive metal. The damage that toothpaste can cause may be so severe that only a professional jeweler will be able to fix it.

Toothpaste will also scuff the surface on amber, opal, turquoise and other soft stones resulting in the fine polish to be permanently marred.

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