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April 26, 2005 | Post by

Dear Leslie,
I am about to ask my girlfriend to marry me. I would like to buy her a diamond engagement ring, but she has an offbeat sense of style. I want to get something she will wear.
Yoni in Jerusalem

I am guessing that a traditional engagement ring is out of the question, but if you still want to get her diamonds, there are rings that will please both of you, such as a fabulous blue and white diamond triple heart ring. I also came across a dazzling ring of flower-shaped diamonds, which is both eye-catching and off-beat.

As a final suggestion, why not try a blue diamond ring? It’s style is traditional engagement, but the fact that the diamond is blue rather than white makes it special.

If your girlfriend does not know her ring size, ice.com has a special ring-sizer which may be of help.

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