October 8, 2007 | Post by Ice Jewelry gives us a nice lesson in being ourselves with the latest episode of “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style.”

One of the participants, Veronica, had a lesson in making her own style, not copying that of others. Her husband then presented her with a stunning platinum diamond ring from, telling her, through tears, so always be herself. It was hard for anyone watching not to well up as well!

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One Response

  1. Kay says:

    I watched that show tonight! The irony is that I hardly ever watch anything but political news and a few movies but I needed cheering up tonight so when I surfed to that show I decided maybe it would lighten me up. And, the scene where he gives her the ring……made me cry! And, before that when it hit him that the ring was a gift was so overwhelming for him…………..I had pre-tears to the tears for when she got it.
    So, because of that show I decided this was the online fantasy shop for me. I’m already looking forward to blogging about it on my website. You know, even political activists need good jewelry! Actually I would like to find an inexpensive -this liberal is poor- donkey charm with maybe a tiny blue diamond.
    well, great to see your kindness on TV tonight!,
    Kay Collins-Schulz

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