Divorce rings the latest jewelry trend

December 18, 2009 | Post by

Single women like diamonds too. We don’t have anything against wedding rings – in fact, we love them. There’s nothing better than a diamond-encrusted sign of never-ending devotion and commitment. But if things don’t work out, it doesn’t seem fair that women have to lose the ice.

A new trend in jewelry of late is a silver (or platinum or gold) lining to marital woes. Divorce rings. You heard us. Divorce. Rings. Just because you’re not married anymore doesn’t meant that you can’t sport some serious bling.

Many women opt to buy (or put their alimony towards) a diamond ring to wear on their right hand.

We like the idea, but does it have to be a ring? We think that a newly-single woman with a soft-spot for jewels should feel free to splurge on a diamond piece of her choosing – whether that’s a diamond watch, a diamond bracelet or a diamond necklace.

The trend is similar to one sweeping the party planning world – divorce parties, which usually involve giant anti-wedding cakes, lots of booze and plenty of supportive close friends.

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4 Responses

  1. deenaodaniel says:

    I like the idea – I hope it catches on. It's all about celebrating freedom and liberation, not to bad mouth the other guy but to embark on a new life with the support of friends.

  2. IceJewelry says:

    Thanks for the comment deenaodaniel, I agree! And what better way to celebrate freedom and liberation then by treating yourself to some beautiful jewelry (as if we needed a reason … lol).

  3. diamondrings1 says:

    Good post, diamonds are girl's best friend. If you want to propose a girl then diamond ring would be the best gift to give.

  4. Misbeads says:

    This is my first time that I see a divorce ring. The pearl on the ring is nice.Thanks for the post.

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