Diamonds are for Rabbi’s

January 8, 2008 | Post by

We love the new article in

“I rounded the wrong way when I got Shmuel Gniwisch on the phone, referring to the $46.6 million financing round his online jewelry retail company——had just closed as $46 million. “It’s $47 million,” the Ice CEO corrected. Then there was a pause. “That’s 47 parties.”

“He was joking, of course—breaking the ice, you might say. And why not? He was one happy rabbi (more on that in a bit). The Series B funding, formally announced today, was led by Waltham, MA-based Polaris Venture Partners and included return investor Ignition Partners of Bellevue, WA. It marked only the second time Ice had taken in funding (well, third if you count Bill Gross—more on that, too). And I think you can view it as a vindication.”

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