The Ultimate Shopping Spree – Win $5000

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Ultimate $5000 Shopping Spree

With the holiday season right around the corner, we’d like to take some of the strain off your shopping list. This month, we’re giving away $5000 to spend at! No, that’s not a typo, we are thrilled to offer this great prize to one lucky winner this month.

We want to know how you would spend $5000 to spend at Would you buy one large piece of jewelry or many smaller pieces? Would you spend it all on yourself or would you split it up for upcoming holiday gifts? We’ve listed out some ideas of how to spend this prize if you won.

Big Spender Classic Pieces:

  • Engagement Ring! This is the perfect opportunity to choose the ring you’ve always wanted.
  • Anniversary Ring. Surprise your spouse on your next anniversary with a brand new ring to celebrate the joyous years spend together.
  • Tennis Bracelet is a timeless addition to your jewelry collection
  • Diamond Studs are a must to get on this Shopping Spree!

New Items to stock up on:

How can you win this Ultimate $hopping $pree? Enter your email address here and you will automatically be entered into a draw to win $5000 to spend at It’s that simple.

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31 Responses


    How I would spend $5000 on jewelry would be awesome, fun, but hard. I never have bought jewelry for myself, or have ever received any before either! So, I would love to get something emerald and white gold, like a a nice ring. Emerald is my fave stone, and even more since it is my baby’s birth stone as well. I would also buy something for my sister, mom, and something for my daughter for her to wear when she gets age appropriate. I would take my time though looking at the best pieces though. It would be amazing to finally have beautiful jewelry to wear.

  2. Kathy Sylvester says:

    If I won a $5000 shopping spree, I would replace my husband’s wedding band that he lost while working 7 years ago. I would buy a beautiful piece of jewelry to put away for my daughter, and I would replace my engagement and wedding band which we sold to pay bills when we hit hard times 2 years ago. We sold my rings in order to pay bills one month, to try and keep our house after my husband was injured on the job in 2007. It was little sacrifice knowing how much he had lost and given up.

  3. mildred says:

    i want to win 500$

  4. Adrienne zedella says:

    I would definately split up the $5000 shopping spree! Myself, I could use a good sturdy gold chain (or two) with an awesome pendant (my chains are all broken)- and I would share with my honey, and pick out some awesome chains and pendants for my two teen sons who are so good in school, incredible athletes, and work so hard. They definately deserve a big prize too!

  5. Michelle says:

    I’ve been a long time fan, buying my first piece nearly ten years ago so I’m not going to lie…. If I won the $5000 shopping spree, first, I would spend a good portion on myself to buy a few must have pieces that I’ve been scoping out for some time now and then I would use the rest to buy gifts for family members as well as something sweet from the children’s jewelry to go with the cute locket I bought my daughter just two weeks ago. I have loved every piece of jewelry I’ve purchased at! Can’t say anything about customer service because every transaction has been so smooth that I never needed to contact them but I’m sure they’re providing great service to anyone that does. Also love the fast shipping and the easy payment plans!

  6. Rene Hargett says:

    Beautiful jewelry + astonishingly affordable prices = A definitely forever fan =)

  7. Rene Hargett says:

    Beautiful jewelry + astonishingly affordable prices = a happy shopper!

  8. m says:

    I would but a little something special for each of my friends and family.

  9. Diana Natera says:

    I love this website…specially the different styles and things they have makes it easier for you, you guys are doing a great job,keep it up!

  10. Donna Roach says:

    I would spend this amount on my daughters-in-law for Christmas gifts and perhaps get something for me, depending on what I could get for the girls!

  11. tina cope says:

    i have always wanted a mothers ring to put my kids and grandkids in . also a new ring

  12. Sherry Gilmore says: has the best products and the classiest packaging I’ve ever seen…………I always check what’s new at their site

  13. rain says:

    please please please make me a winner and then I’ll suggest you to all of my friends! :)

  14. mhica cruz says:

    if i won the $5000, i will buy a new wedding band for myself and my husband.. then ill buy my dad a necklace for his b-day.. ill buy my two son something that they can keep and remind them how much i treasure and love them.. and buy some gifts for my mother, mother in-law and sister in-law..

  15. Cindy Procter says:

    Oh my if I won the possibilities would be endless..I had a long time ago a tiny ruby pinkie ring which I lost, would love to get a new one, would probably buy something for each of my 2 daughters,,,oh gosh,,Yes I would have lots of Fun Spending $5000 on jewels…

  16. Peggy Rydzewski says:

    I would spend it with my girls and I.. what fun this would be for us all…

  17. Leslie Novak says:

    If I won $5000 sweepstakes I would try to start a new tradition for my husband. See, my husband’s mother passed away very unexpectedly due to breast cancer and complications from Alzhiemers. Even though we had not been married but five year; (he married me with four boys and this man has never been married, never had kids) I love him and I loved his mother. She was so good to me from the day we met. She accepted me and my children like we had been in her family forever.

    When my husband asked me to marry him, she had given him her engagement ring to give to me. It was stunning, antique and given to her over fifty decades before.

    In my job, I travel. I take my rings off at night. I lost my mother-in-laws engagement ring and my wedding ring. I have been two years without because, especially since she passed away, I can’t seem to find a ring that measures up, or when I do, we cannot afford it.

    I would select one of your fabulous antique rings to replace hers that I lost and start a new tradition to pass it down in her name.

    Thank you,
    Leslie Novak

  18. Sam Donovan says:

    A fancy Fancy FANCY tie clip !!! Plus a right hand ring fro the wife. :-)

  19. Vicki Chrzanowski says:

    I would split it up and buy items for my daughter, granddaughters , mom and sisters

  20. Torre Wilson says:

    Bling-Bling ;^)

  21. Toni says:

    I would definately buy some pieces for multiple people. I do need some nice earrings. That is one thing that I am lacking in my jewelry wardrobe. Some nice diamond hoops would be great.

  22. Stephanie Harlow says:

    Seeing as how money is a tad tight this year I would get a bunch of small things and give them away for Christmas, after-all Christmas is the season of giving. I would make sure my mom had something nice because she took care of me growing up, my mother in law received a nice present, as well as my precious daughter, she is my world.

  23. martha says:

    hopeful,I will win 5000…

  24. Joyce S says:

    If I won $5000, I’d split it between my daughter, mother, sister, and myself. There’s quite a few things that I’d like to get.

  25. Jane Thompson says:

    I would finally be able to get a diamond! I would love to get something for my family, jewelry is a great way to mark holidays.

  26. Rena Welch says:

    Well I love having jewlery on and there are so many beautiful pieces out there. If I won I would go crazy. I would design something in rememberance of my mother, whom I lost to cancer. she was and is very dear to me. and also, when my husband and I began dating in high school, he gave me a lindy star just because he loved me and he said I was so sweet. Well when I got ill 10 + years ago, I lost so much weight,that the ring that I had wore for 20+ years fell off of my finger,and disappeared, and Id love to replace it with another, cuz it just broke my heart that it is gone. but the jewels are so beautiful, I love how they sparkle. and I dont leave the house without jewelry. It makes me feel better. thankyou Rena Welch

  27. Rena Welch says:

    I would like to buy my family members something if I won the 5000. My husband doesnt wear jewelry, but my sons would . And I would get them each something, and my daughter n law, I would buy her whatever she wanted. and my beautiful Granddaughter I would buy her something as well. My family means the world to me, and I would want to wear what I got them to represent out Love!!!!!!! for one another!!!!!! I would be the luckiest ever. Thank you

    Rena Welch:)

  28. Linda says:

    I would by something nice for me and then spend the rest on Christmas presents for my family and friends.

  29. Kimberly Flickinger says:

    I would buy myself a nice tennis bracelet – currently don’t own one.

  30. julie g says:

    I would shop for my whole family :)

  31. Andrea Z says:

    I know how I would spend $5,000, on Ice of course. But seriously there are so many things I want just narrowing down my choices will probably be harder than winning the contest.

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