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April 16, 2012 | Post by

Mother’s Day is almost here and we love to salute all the well-deserving Moms who do so much for us. We want to give you the chance to win stunning diamond and gemstone jewelry plus fabulous prizes from our partners Harry & David and

Enter the Mom’s the Word Sweepstakes!

What you could win:

1/2 Carat Diamond White Gold Heart Necklace – $1395 value (pictured right)

– 5 3/4 carat Sapphire & Diamond earrings – $695 value.

– Sleek cable bangle with diamond heart – $250 value

– Fruit-of-the-Month Club Subscription from Harry & David

– Mother’s Day Tower of yummy treats from Harry & David

– Gift certificates plus a prize pack including a Solia hair dryer and curling iron.

ENTER TO WIN our Mom’s The Word Sweeps now!

You have until May 13, 2012 to enter. See complete sweepstakes rules here.

Good luck!

Just for fun: What’s the best advice your mother ever gave you?


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Diamond Necklace

46 Responses

  1. Ellen Zucker says:

    Follow your heart!

  2. Shannon Karanovich says:

    I love love love that necklace it is stunning

  3. Debi Hamby says:

    Love the Necklace!

  4. Daneen Fauble says:

    can picture this around my neck already. So Gorgeous!

  5. ANDREIA ALVES says:

    I hopeI win, I would love to give it to my mother to show her my appreciation on mother’s day :)

  6. I love ICE,,,sure would love to win this,,,Diamonds are a girls best friend !!!!!!!!

  7. Laurie jarvis says:

    My mama always told me not to worry ,just be Happy!

  8. Chelle Brown says:


  9. Nancy Boyd says:

    I love pretty jewelery

  10. Casey Evans says:

    I love this jewelry… absolutely stunning

  11. Martha Warner says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! Stunning….

  12. I lost my mom 24 years ago, there has never been a day that i have not taken her wisdom and words with me. I am now a grandma and i hope to be just as great a grandma and mom as i had. She was the most unselfish person, she was the first specialized foster mom in the state of utah, i was the only foster child they adoped and they had over 65 kids 56 of their own. She was and is my inspiration of a wonderful mom, grandma and friend.

  13. micki fowler says:

    Thanks for the great chance at the great prizes

  14. Shauna Briggs says:

    That is beautiful, I would love to win it.

  15. Chaya says:

    This heart necklace is absolutely beautiful and would truly be a great Mother’s Day gift!

  16. Belinda says:

    The best advice my Mother gave was: If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.

  17. suzanne hendrick says:

    would love to win this im a mother of four and a grand mother of eight thanks for giving us all a chance to win these beautiful things

  18. Veena campbell says:

    Beatiful Happy Mother’s Day to all

  19. Happy Mother’s Day

  20. chasity says:

    Im a great mom.I love my kids

  21. Christian Griffin says:

    Well this year things are pretty tight and this would be such an amazing gift for my Mother. I came across this amazing giveaway and figured what the heck. My fingers are crossed! – A toast to the MOMS!!

  22. Heidi says:

    This necklace is real pretty, I lost my mother at a young age and years later a dear woman became my friend who I met at Church took me under her wings and is still here for me, she was my mother of at my wedding one and a half years ago. She truly is a great mom.

  23. Danyel says:


  24. Kellie says:

    I never had a close relationship with my mother, so unfortunately I never got good motherly advice, however my grandma raised me and did a great job, she always said never give up and go for what makes you happy. That necklace is gorgeous I would love to win this and I think I would give this to my grandma since I consider her my mother.

  25. Luz Hernandez says:

    A mom’s love in unconditional!!

  26. yolonda Manning says:

    Happy Mom’s Day! Is the most fabulous day of the year for a hard working mother of three gorgeous daughters. It’s the one day of the year my princesses treats me like a queen. The words ”whatever you want today Mom” I love it. Happy Mom’s Day to all you queens! Muuah!!

  27. Nichole B. says:

    Keep your main spaces clean because you never know when company will stop by.. I have found this to be true way too many time!:-)

  28. Kim sears says:


  29. jeanette hall says:

    Think things through, love one another, and don’t hold a grudge- forgive!

  30. That would make my mothers Day, winning the necklace. Hell that would make my Year. It sure is Beautiful.

  31. Kathy Olson says:

    My Grandmother raised me, she has been gone now since March 1995 & there has not been a day that I don’t think about or miss her so much. The most important thing she ever taught me was for me “To Always’ Be True To Myself/Beliefs’ & Don’t Let Anyone Sway Me Against My Own Heart/Conscious & Things Would Always’ Be Alright”. She has Not been wrong yet & I am in my 50’s now, so I think that was a pretty good lesson so I passed it on to my own kids & trying to pass it on to my grandchildren now.

  32. SUSIE WEILAND says:

    very beautiful ,love to win it<3

  33. SUSIE WEILAND says:

    very beautiful, love to win this one,<3

  34. Sajeeda Newman says:

    I know this is for my mother because it’s calling out her name. This piece of jewelry is so beautiful!!!

  35. Marilyn says:

    I am a struggling single mother of two. Having something pretty would really ease some of that stress. Thanks for this chance.

  36. kendra says:

    Best advice, was to follow your heart, and it doesnt matter what happens, you should always be happy <3 <3 <3 i love my mom <3 <3. And even when shes in the hospital, or at home i always try to brighten her day :) :)

  37. Janet Porter says:

    My mother was unselfish, caring, kindhearted beyond belief. Never lose the christian attitude, treat others from the heart , an not from the head. Belive in yourself an others will too. I miss my mother everday, she passed May 15th,2002. I LOVE YOU MOM!!

  38. I have four boys and I would love to show them this is how you suppose to love your mother. LOL!!

  39. patty watson says:

    to be a good person

  40. melissa dobbins says:

    all of your jewerly. is one of a kind and i love the sterling ruby bracklet i bought last year…keep up the good work….

  41. what a beautiful heart

  42. juanita says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! Happy Mothers Day!

  43. amber watson says:

    To follow my heart, always & be true to myself!…And that if I ever truely wanted something, that I would have to be the one to count on to make it happen, no one else will ever do it for you (i.e. college degree)

  44. Kathy Olson says:

    Always’ Be True To Yourself & To Those You Love So They Will Always’ Be True To You & Themselves!!!

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