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January 19, 2012 | Post by

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away! It’s that time of the year when everyone is feeling a little extra lovey dovey and not afraid to show it. Since we love our customers, we want to show it by giving away some Ice jewelry and tasty treats from Harry & David.

Enter the Love Is In The Air Sweeps!


Harry & David Sweetheart TowerWhat you could win:

Morganite, ruby & diamond pink gold ring (pictured right)

Amethyst & Diamond white gold earrings

Diamond princess cut earrings

– Fruit-of-the-Month Club Subscription from Harry & David

– Sweetheart Tower of yummy treats from Harry & David


ENTER TO WIN our Love Is In The Air Sweeps now!

You have until Feb. 14, 2012 to enter. See complete sweepstakes rules here.

Good luck!


Just for fun:

What’s the most unique date you’ve ever been on?


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Morganite Ruby Ring

31 Responses

  1. maria rodriguez says:

    i luv ice

  2. Pamela Maynor says:

    I love this site!!! The most memoral date I have ever been on was rather unique… We went to a lake when no one was there late at night, and I swear we saw an alen. Well, maybe not a close encounter but the thrill and confusion was a great laugh later. I still think it was something not of this earth! lol

  3. Meridyl McBurney says:

    Exquisite, yet simple in design (Ring) Beautiful
    Love the ring!!

  4. Genice Insco says:

    I LOVE THE BEAUTY n elegance of this ring would love to see on my daughters hand or mine lol.

  5. Chrissey Dormer says:

    Getting caught in the rain- not just any rain- this was a teaming downpour that wouldn’t let up and we were at a lake huddled together under a picnic grove area. We had to run all the way back to the car, which was about a half a mile away. Needless to say, we were soaked from head to toe, but laughed all the way!

  6. When I met my late husband and he became my best friend, my lover,and my husband and the father of our daughter. And now not only is it my loss but my 16 yrold daughter, so i think we both are truely missing the love of our lives….

  7. The most memorable date i ever had was.. With my son at the court house as he recited the vows for my husband. As we got married by proxy… Priceless moment ….

  8. The most memoriable date that I’ve ever been on is when my huband took me out for my birthday at this one restaurant and this guy sang happy birthday to me in opera and I was so embarassed.

  9. Also I love the ring, It’s very pretty!!!

  10. Cinthia Allen says:

    I would love to win this ring it is so pretty .I never win nothing but I hope my bad luck will turn around!as they always say if it wasn’t for bad luck I have no luck at all!

  11. Patti Sherman says:

    The most unique date I have ever been on was when I went to work, got off my plane and was met by my friend of that time with baseball tickets in hand. I cancelled my appointments, called my office and feigned illness and went off to the game.

  12. I love Jewerly .and I love pink cause my Birthday is in October. My Memoral date Is when we had a picnic in the park !

  13. Krista merrill says:

    Love that ring. Wish I could win it.

  14. my most intrigging date was when the man i married happen to be the guy that walked into his mamas house and asked who i was and what was i doing there , and not in his car so we could go to the movies , that was him asking me out for the first time, even though we breffly seen each other sifrelal times… amazing love. is my site seeing wish list, ive never seen such great products.else were.

  15. cynthia e. van dyke says:

    love ring posted

  16. Marie Elaine Lombardo says:

    Love the princess cut diamond it’s beautiful!

  17. love thid princess cut diamond ring it’s beautiful!

  18. Love the princess cut ring it’s beautiful! I’ve been married 29 years lived with my husband 4 yrs. Purchased a house instead of a big wedding honeymoon or ring so we could start a family.


  20. Morgan Stitt says:

    I love all of them princess cut has all ways been my fav dont know why but it has i have never won anything and also im single yet another Valentines day so it would make it better if i won

  21. Julie Dawes says:

    Man that would be awesome to win.I never won nothing before. Id probably faint. That will be the first and i never had an Ice ring either.

  22. ann kennedy says:

    I love all kinds of jewelry no matter what it is at 1 time I had all kinds of rings and earrings and stuff but I had no other I had to sale it so I could take care of my kids when I moved to a differ state so my kids could have a better life so to win that would be true blessing to me and my family we have lost alote but we allso have gained with out god we would be where we are today with out him

  23. Veronica Dickson says:

    Most unique date had to be when my boyfriend (now husband) and I took our nightly walk and sat out in the sand dunes watching the night skies and to our surprise saw two shooting stars that night. It will be our 20th anniversary on Feb 12.

  24. Jeannine Barde says:

    I would LOVE it to win any of the jewelry pieces! Can NEVER have enough!

  25. Carol Munger says:

    Love the morganite and ruby rose gold ring. Pink is my color and will you be mine!!!!

  26. I would love you buy Jewerly from ice but I’m on a fix income and can’t afford it right now got laid off after 18 years of working for a cleaners on valentine’s day last year. You have beautiful Jewerly! I would love to win the morganite , ruby& diamond pink gold ring pink is my favorite color cause my birthday is in October if I win this will make my valentine’s day a memorial one and then I will know that my bad luck has turned into good!!! I am praying to God to let me win this very pretty ring that I want to put on my finger and show it off to everyone and that I won it off ice valentine sweepstakes soPlease Please Please let me win this ring Please!Thank You So Much!!!!XOXOXOXo!

  27. Kerri says:

    The most amazing date I have ever gone on…My then BF picked me up from work on Christmas Eve, and we drove to the Beach In Ocean City , MD. He had been given a bottle of wine for Christmas from a client so we drank wine out of a paper cup while huddled in the freezing cold, watching the waves pound as it became Christmas. We then went to a small chapel for a Christmas Eve Midnight Service to Celebrate Christ birth. Will never ever forget it!

  28. Cynthia S. says:

    My boyfriend promised me a date, something I’d never done and little did I know, I’d never forget. He took me night ICE FISHING. I didn’t catch anything, my fingers were ew with bait gunk and I froze!!

  29. I’m getting nervis and got my finger’s cross cause tomorrow is valentine’s day and I want so much to win his beautiful ring morganite , ruby & diamond pink gold ring. I have been prying to the lord to let me win this ring if it is ment to be he will grant me my wish I hope he does I can’t say enough about how pretty this ring will look on my finger and how I’m going to show it off to everyone and tell them how and were I got it from !!!

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