5 Fun Facts About Opals, The October Birthstone

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October’s Opals are quite the unique gemstone. They definitely don’t resemble many of the traditional gemstones we’re most familiar with and they look like you’re staring into a crystal ball. Come learn how to predict the future (your happiness) with opal facts and knowledge.

1. History: Thousands of years ago, rulers often wore the glittering orbs to guard their power and ensure their safety. These stones were placed in their crowns to protect themselves from enemies and ward off evil. At times, opals were even ground up and consumed to protect an individual from nightmares and evil spirits (although we don’t recommend this). In modern times opals are known to bring about happiness and confidence for the wearer.

2. Play of Color: Opals are most commonly found in ‘white,’ however within these white opals there is a rainbow-like iridescence which changes the colors that appear in the stone depending on the angle it is viewed at giving the opal a crystal ball look.

4. Opals come in many types: Mainly you can find opals in white, but you may find black opals, fire opals and crystal opals. Both the white and black variety have the play of color attribute, but fire opals do not. Ice also has stunning pink opal jewelry which is a type of fire opal. The best part about opals is that any angle you look at your stone, will show new amazing colors radiating within the piece.

3. Caring for opals: Since this stone is medium to soft you should be extra careful with it. I would recommend if you are wearing an opal ring to remove it when cleaning, working out or doing any sports and if you plan on going out be sure to put on makeup and hair products before you put your opal jewelry on. Do not use any harsh chemicals to clean it – simply wipe with a damp cloth. If you will not be wearing your opal jewelry for awhile, store it in a small plastic bag with a wet napkin so it doesn’t dry out and crack.

5. Opals on Mars: Several years ago in 2008, NASA announced the discovery of opal deposits on Mars! Since opal is made up of mostly water this means that Mars may have been wet for billions of years than previously thought which indicates it may have supported life. Fascinating!

Happy birthday to all the October babies this month! Check out our black, white and pink opals right here.

Be sure to comment below with any questions about opals or jewelry, we are always here to help you find the next best piece to add to your collection.

Have an Ice day!

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4 Responses

  1. roeann says:

    have you heard that’s it’s bad luck to wear opals if it’s not your birth month ?

  2. Reed says:

    Hi Roseann,

    I’m glad you brought this point up because there’s a lot of rumors about the facts and myths surrounding opals. We have heard this rumor, but it’s only that…just a rumor. This superstition is purely based off of stories and mysteries told over the years and has nothing to do with the properties of opals.

    In reality, opal wearers (even those not born in October) are shielded from bad luck and bad omens. The Romans believed opals beauty were a combination of all the precious gemstones and that opals took on all the positive properties of each stone.

    The best part about gemstones is that if you give them as a gift, you always pass on their positive properties!

    Hope this answer helps Roseann and thanks for reading.

  3. I am a regular reader of this blog. I have gone through your article titled “5 Fun Facts About Opals, The October Birthstone” and it is very interesting. I did not know this before reading the article. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Reed says:

    Thanks for reading and glad you liked it! Let us know if you have any other fun opal facts!


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