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The List Angelina_Jolie_SAG
Top 5 Gold Looks at the SAG Awards
At last night’s Screen Actor’s Guild Awards we noticed yellow gold accents everywhere! It’s no nice to see since white gold and silver has ...
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New Ice Feather Earrings
Feather Jewelry
The feather trend was picking up steadily last year but now a month into 2012 and fashionistas are flocking to grab onto this look. At first we saw many stars ...
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New Ice Kanchan Blue Jade Bracelet
Kanchan Couture
It’s so refreshing to see a burst of color in these cold winter months. I am loving our bright new pieces from the Kanchan Collection at Ice. “...
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The List Garnet Pendant
January Birthstone: 5 More Facts About Garnet
I’ve mentioned to you in the past some fun facts about January’s birthstone – Garnet. After some digging I found some other great info on this ...
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New Ice Drusy Ring
Drusy Jewelry
One of the hottest jewelry trends right now is drusy jewelry. This type of jewelry highlights a stone with a rock surface covered with tiny crystals that make a big ...
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