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Thanksgiving Jewelry
Accessorize your Thanksgiving Best With Fine Jewelry
Turkey day is approaching, which means it’s time to consider what you’re wearing to one of the biggest meals of the year. Selecting the perfect piece ...
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Silver Jewelry
Myth Busted: Cleaning Silver with Toothpaste
Many unfortunate silver jewelry owners stumble on the “ol toothpaste method” when looking to find cheap/easy ways to clean their silver jewelry. Sadly, what’s very unclear is ...
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gold jewelry
5 Tips for Storing and Caring for Gold
When speaking with friends and acquaintances, I’ve noticed that many people are unaware of how to properly care for their gold jewelry so I decided to post a ...
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The List
What To Do With Old Jewelry
Spring is almost here and it’s the perfect time to clean out your jewelry box to make room for new pieces you’ll collect throughout the year. ...
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New Ice
Base Your Outfit Around Your Jewelry
While accessories are often afterthoughts, they can also be the starting point of a great ensemble. When putting together an outfit for a night out, instead of heading to your ...
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